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The Family Support Network Association in partnership with #LITTY- Love Is The True You, is offering individuals and families to enroll as volunteers for the Self-help Housing Garden Village sustainability Project.  We are looking to venture with 10-13 individuals and families to help each one to build their family Yurt homes within the Garden Village that is owned and managed by The Family Support Network Association Management Teams.   crisis.  This project will be a partnership with local banks that is a part of the Banking On Business (BOB) program with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, GA.  To Help Housing Garden Village, you first have to fill out our enrollment form.  Enrollment is free; however, the selection process is very selective and competitive based on Family Support Network Association's core values which is outline on the enrollment form.  Part of the selection process, you would have to be a participate as a volunteer within the  Family Support Network Association and come to our once a month at our family  social gathering meetings and agree to volunteer at least 2-4 sweat equity hours per week  in the building of 10-12 yurt homes for individuals and families that are enrolled in the project  until each home is completed.  Taking ACTION is our Motto when we Support one another's ideas with genuine Love and with respect for  doing the right thing unto one another.

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