Co-Operative Economic Help Fund

Family Support Network Associations "Pays It Forward" in our "One Dollar a Day"  Investor's Project.  Families helping families learn how to become investors on a commercial-free public broadcast network (  Each one help one through family's daily contributions that will be matched by professional  sponsors and in-kind donations.  The first three months all contributions and matching donations will be deposited  into our Family Support Network Association "Help Fund" and on the fourth month during the second quarter will commence a monthly drawing where members of the FSNA will enter their family's needs into the drawing bowl and funds from the "help Fund" will be awarded to the family whose name is pulled during the drawing to help families become debt-free one step at a time while rotating each month to help another family who are members within the Family Support Network Association [FSNA].  A percentage  of all contributions each month will be placed into a housing development fund to help with families who are in need of  housing who are transitioning from  life's crisis or from the prison incarceration system and need support to re-establish themselves along with their families back into society which also help to reduce residivism.  A third portion of the "Help Fund" will be a tenth that will never be touched and will be used  only for the purpose of helping families to attend the three ordained Spiritual Festivals that take place three times per year for families with extreme financial circumstances.

Pennies From Heaven - Million Dollar Community Fund Drive