Proverbs 4:7 King James Version (KJV)

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding".



Definition -  [Project]to throw out,  to plan,  jeter to throw; akin to Go pro forward - more at For, JET- a specific plan or design: scheme,  idea,  a planned undertaking; to plan,  figure,  or estimate  for the future; to devise in the mind; project expenditures for the coming year;present for consideration; project a beam of light; to attribute something in one's own mind to a person,  group,  or objects; earlier than,  rudimentary,  located in front of or at the front, projecting (prognathous).

Pro- Prep for; on the affirmative side: in affirmation; much has been written pro and con; in favor of: FOR : Professional 

"PRO" Public Relations Officer.


Our mission is to mobilize families and communities through a moral systems model approach.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate the moral world to come through art, history, education awareness workshops and wellness retreats to advocate spiritual healing and development for individuals and families who are dedicated to change for a better and moral way of life.


Our Goals and Objectives

  • Facilitate awareness education for individuals and families.

  • Help to identify sustainable community support.

  • Become more self-sufficient.

  • Support political, environmental and health-conscious issues affecting our families and future generations.

  • To educate and improve upon learning how together through volunteerism we can improve the quality OF LIFE ECONOMICALLY!

  • To educate and bring awareness on political, economic, spiritual, cultural and social issues that can make a difference for positive changes.

  • To design and create a Family Support Network Association website.

  • To partner through collaboration with a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization that shares similar mission and vision to submit RFP (request for proposals) for grant opportunities.

  • To create a Family Support Network Association Business Incubator.

  • To partner with local entrepreneurial businesses, churches, and communities to network with prison ministries to establish the re-entry transitional housing and art program.

  • Produce a social media Life Skills Education Reality show from success stories from re-entry program as our evaluation tool.

  • Produce FSNA Newsletter free to all members.

Organizing Consultant  

T: (252)268-5993

F: (252)527-9235

E: family.networknc@gmail.com

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