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Entrepreneurial Development - PROJECT 03


Shamar El-Shabazz, founder of the #LITTY - Love Is The True You Movement that was inspired by his commitment to continue to bring about positive self-awareness. He is the designing artist for all #LITTY creations. 

#LITTY MOTTO IS 'LOVE IS THE TRUE YOU' If it ain't  Love, it ain't true...and if it ain't true, it ain't you - Why?   Because love is the true you.  It's only one way - The LITTY  way."   Each volunteer receives a free #LITTY T-shirt when they join The Family Support Network Association.  We hope to enroll 100 volunteers to help us to spread the message of Love by wearing these  colorful & beautiful t-shirts to that represents solidarity and pride when we enter into the first ten counties in the state of North Carolina.  Our ultimate goal is to spread our message of love along with our mission and vision to all families in 100 counties in NC.