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Thank you to all the families that came out last night to spend two hours of getting Fit while having fun together, and for taking the family pledge to spend 1 hour three days per week in exercising, preparing healthy meals and snack with your family. Keep a family journal and bring it to our next Fun, Fit Families event each 1st Sat of the month from 6pm - 8pm and win prizes from Walmart and other local sponsors. Families received walking pedometers to track their steps and exercise balls to practice at home to keep fit. Families that endure to the end will win a chance for a year membership to the Phil Cline Family Fitness Center and many more great grand prizes!

#LITTY and The Family Support Network Association is sponsoring a Community Action Project (CAP) for all families to win prizes, get fit and have FUN Together! Good Old Fashion Games like Hop Scotch, Double-Dutch Jump Rope, Hula Hoop, Volley Ball and more.

The CAP is a Community Action health and wellness Project geared towards challenging families to come out once a month over a 5-month period for 2 hours to have fun playing together, getting fit and experience learning & tasting healthy meals & snacks by local community chefs and individuals sharing their own recipes. A time to begin to improve your health by taking advantage of free Health Screening for Sugar, Cholesterol, BMI/body weight index and gain information on how to improve your strength and flexibility and much more. Every first Saturday at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm . Call (252)268-5993 to sign up! If you like to be a volunteer and you have experience in double dutch jump rope and the game of Hop Scotch, please contact CAP Coordinator at

Keir Moorman Hassana I would like to come to one of your healthy events in the future. I will not be finished work until after 8pm. Great work setting this type of activity up for the community.

Hassana Aliyah Keir, thank you for wanting to be part and yes you will have other opportunities to come and join us each first Saturday of the month until May 4th.

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